#1 - Instant Poetry


Poetica's Inaugural Project: The Instant Poetry and Infinity Wall

Poetica's first project was located on the corner of Colombo and Gloucester streets (formerly the location of Beggs Music Store) and took place during the month of September, 2012.  We painted a large "blackboard" on the site and left a few sticks of chalk for passers by to write their own poems, with William Shakespeare's Sonnet 33 providing a bit of inspiration.

The project culminated with one poem be painted "permanently" on the wall; after a public vote via our Facebook page, Kirsty Dunn's "Beauty in the Broken" was chosen to represent the project.  The piece read:


Amidst the shards of glass and twisted steel

Beside the fallen brick and broken concrete

We began to understand that there is beauty in the broken

Strangers do not live here anymore


While Kirsty's poem may no longer be seen (the building has since been demolished) you can still experience the Infinity Wall in audio form via the soundscape app, SoundSky, and by taking a look at the images below.

Special thanks to: Gapfiller, Resene Paints, and all of the passers by who participated in the project.